Yin & Pins

Are you tired? Stressed? Tight muscles? Overthinking? Or just looking to stay balanced? Time to reset.

Yin & Pins merges the two ancient modalities of acupuncture and yoga. Both are vehicles to bring balance. This session will bring relaxation to your system equivalent to a mini holiday. A time to let go of stress and tightness. The first half will be a yin yoga session followed by acupuncture, bringing deep rest and restoration.

Balanced yin is essential to have relaxed muscles and joints, strong immunity, mental clarity, overall health and vitality. Balance your daily activities with the deep rest and nourishment that Yin & Pins brings. By nourishing body, mind and soul, your internal intelligence can come into play and heal.

Our next Yin & Pins sessions:

  • 17th of October at Dharma Shala, Bondi Beach. More details at www.theyogatherapist.com.au or book bellow