Yonit Belnick

  • Bachelor of Health Science in TCM (UTS)
  • Yonit has been interested in health since her days as a young pupa. Yonit believes acupuncture combines two influential and important mechanisms, the mind and the body. And it is her mission to prove they are not separate but integral. Yonit combines¬†evidence-based¬†research as well as the enigmatic and poetic teachings of Chinese medicine, because like our mind and body, neither can be ignored.

Yonit has a focus in pain management, hormonal imbalances, and prenatal care. She has a particular enthusiasm for those who have never tried acupuncture, so please come in! To further her studies and reach in healthcare Yonit is currently undercover studying Medicine (Doctor of Medicine) and has the best secret to help anyone who is feeling stressed and tired