Mitch Patience

  • Bachelor Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Certificate TCM – China

Treatments with Mitch combine a unique blend of Chinese traditions and Esoteric healing along with well-balanced nutritional and lifestyle advice. All treatments with Mitch are holistic and effective. Actively supporting people to deal with their immediate and long term health concerns and goals. Mitch received his degree at The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and continued his studies of Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in China, at the PRC Guangzhou Hospital of TCM.

Since completing his degree, Mitch runs a private practice and also offers his acupuncture services at the Acupuncture Collective. Helping people to feel good and continue along a path of greater wellbeing is a passion for Mitch. He loves knowing he has made a significant difference for the better in another persons’ life.