Kate Tracey

Kate’s love affair with Chinese medicine started back in 1998 when she was 19. She has studied shiatsu, Chinese herbal medicine and Acupuncture and has been a registered practitioner since she completed an internship in china in 2006. ‘ Studying in china made me realise the medicine is used for everything, my time in the oncology ward was very profound’

For the last 15 years Kate has practiced Qi gong, martial arts and yoga and has been passionate about diet and education. In 2010 she took a sabbatical in central Australia and worked for an indigenous women’s organisation as a dietary liaison officer for young families. ‘ Access to resources and information is the key, you realise how lucky you are in the city to have access to so many services’

Returning to her birth place, Bronte, to have her first child in 2012  Kate was inspired when she found the Acupuncture Collective ‘ the structure has created a true culture of healing, people get treated for all sorts of conditions, they improve, they tell their friends and they come back, it’s just so effective’

Kate continues to practice from her home clinic and she is currently compiling an illustrated text on acupuncture.