Anada Jones

  • Advanced Diploma Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Cert TCM – China

Anada is a mother of two living in the Blue Mountains. She practised herbal folk medicine and aromatherapy for many years before dedicating her studies to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Anada travelled the country with her young son, picking, curing and using herbs for healing, prevention and nutrition. She began to pursue the study of TCM after the birth of her second son, making profound personal discovers on its effectiveness and accurate diagnostics.

Anada says: “To this day I am passionate about the gentle effectiveness of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture and their lack of side affects. Apart from practising in my own clinic, I feel it is extremely important to support a model of practice that is available to all, without the barrier of high fees. I believe it is a human right to have easy access to prevention and curative healthcare.”